Company of Technical Consultants and Technical Support

About us

We are a group of people who, through our years of experience and listening to the needs of modern businesses, have decided to join our forces in order to offer technical solutions to the problems that companies are forced to overcome in a competitive and ever changing environment.

Integrated technical solutions

In BYTEK we offer solutions in a wide range of activities for small and medium-sized enterprises of private as well as of the wider public sector.

The provision of our services offers to companies the ability to solve the problem in time, using the resources needed; only in the time needed thus reducing the administrative or any other costs that may arise.

The solution is tailored to the needs of the company, minimizing the likelihood of risk (overestimation or under-estimation of the situation) due to lack of experience or specialized personnel required in some cases.

High quality accredited services for businesses & organizations


Our target is

  • Themistoklis Fasoulas
    We study your needs and offer the best solutions in terms of performance and cost.
    Themistoklis Fasoulas
    Sales Manager
  • Charilaos Kolozof
    Safety is a top priority social asset and our goal is to offer it to everyone! A difficult affair that we take very seriously!
    Charilaos Kolozof